Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday 오빠 !

I cared for you 
more than you possibly
cared for me

I naively thought,
that feelings were mutual
which wasn't the case

A song, a movie
always comes back to you
Jay or Lee
'twas you who taught me them.

You are special,
always have been.
Do you see it?
Or take it forgranted?

I wear my heart
on my sleeve
A little piece of me
I gave to you.

Miles apart,
Life goes on.
From time to time,
I think of you.

Once in awhile,
Spare a thought,
For a friend
who truly cares.

All I ever wish for,
is the best
for you, your life

친구... 생일 축하해요 !!

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