Saturday, April 27, 2013

Over the Road cafe

Last Saturday saw Mr. C and I making our way to Northcote. I bought a Scoopon voucher for the both of us, $19 for a meal and a drink each at Over The Road cafe. Seriously, Melbourne is breeming with cafes everywhere! In the CBD like Manchester Press, Harware Societe, to name a few. At the fringes of the city and the surrounding suburbs in Brunswick, Fitzroy, South Yarra and so on.

If not for the Scoopon deal, I doubt we would have ever heard of this place.

From the outside, the cafe's sign board looks plain. The reddish brown brick building looked ordinary but even then, the hanging basket of flowers and the French doors give a hint of a potentially quaint cafe.
 When you step in the shop, you will see a lot of pretty, quirky, cutesie ornaments. I saw owls, cats, dogs, rabbits, elephants (I think), the works! All these crafty stuff are for sale. On the left, you will see the counter to order take away or make your payment. On the right, there is a couple of tables with chairs for customers and a few couch to just lounge and chill.

The lady that served us brought us inner into the shops towards the back where there were a couple  more of tables and chairs for customers. Drape around as deco are more ornaments.

On the left is the front part of the cafe

The picture was taken from where I sat, at the back of the cafe. See what I mean? All sorts of trinkets, ornaments to cozy up one's home surrounded us. Think Mr. C was worried I would buy up the whole shop. You know how some people are partial to say, butterflies, or some, owls etc. 

Me? I love anything that looks adorable. I grew fond of butterflies since my youth, I've loved dogs all my life, I like cute mouse 'cos I was born in the year of the rat (following the Chinese calender) and I fell in love with owls, elephants and giraffe since moving to Melbourne!

As usual, I ordered mocha. It was good

Bought the cat hooks for a cat lover colleague who just moved into her new home

Dainty and rose themed brings Aunt M to mind

Mr. C doing his own thing, being in touch with the world as I explore the wonders of the shop

Mr. C thoroughly enjoyed his big breakfast

Although the cafe wasn't full house, we had to wait for our food. Then again, the waitress did inform us at the start that there will be some waiting time. I think it is because I ordered the baked eggs. 

Or perhaps, they have this thing about serving both our food together at the same time. Something I learnt watching My Kitchen Rules. Lols.

I am sad to say that my baked eggs that day was rather dry. Was a little bit disappointed. Ever since my first wow baked eggs experience last year at Bluebird Espresso, I've always ordered this dish if it was on the menu. So far, I think Bluebird's is still the best in my opinion.

Enjoyed Mr C's breakfast though. So, it wasn't all bad. Maybe they had a bad day or the oven was working up. Anything is possible but I hope, it isn't the norm.

The food didn't knock our socks off but it wasn't horrendously horrible.

Love the quaint vibe (though it may not be for everyone especially if they aren't into cute ornaments) of the cafe. Mr. C feels it was only alright. Plus point would be that the shop wasn't noisy and overcrowded like some cafes and one comes to mind, Three Bags Full. Lol. Though the food there is amazing!

Basically, because of the Scoopon deal, it was a buy one free one meal and drink. And that made the difference. If I had to pay full price for my baked eggs, I wouldn't think it was that worth it. 

To be fair, I hope to go back there another day and give it another go. 

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