Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your wedding in Tiffany Blue

A good friend is getting married early next year and she's finally settled on a theme, "Tiffany blue and lace". Blue is a lovely colour and it's my favourite! 

However, tiffany blue is really tricky colour.

Is it more blue or more green? Is that blue shade a tiffany blue or is it more sky blue or aqua blue or ... ?!!

One way not to stuff up your tiffany blue colour is to probably bring a tiffany box wherever you go and whenever you need to match it against to get the right shade.

Weddings are such big occasion these days and to have a beautifully amazing momentous wedding whilst keeping to a budget can be a real challenge.

I am hoping to help out my friend and have been Googling for ideas and inspirations. Some blue appears to be more baby blue than tiffany blue though. And sometimes, the blue reminds me of the pinafore uniform I used to wear in high school. Lols.

As seen below, the flowers, cakes, decorations and especially the bride's dresses are simply beautiful and dreamy. Now, if only all of us can have such gorgeous wedding.


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