Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiffany Blue Dress : Brides and Bridemaids

Following from my Sunday blog post on Tiffany Blue wedding theme, this post focuses on the belle of the night, the bride and her band of bridesmaids. When it comes to planning a wedding, it's always about the bride and what she wants. Some grooms like to have their say but most just goes with the flow. Well, the smart ones do. *hehe*

Once again, tiffany blue can be a challenging colour to suit one's wedding to. I've gone around looking for ribbons, papers and any sort of deco in that colour and gosh, I've not find any yet! I usually find turquoise blue instead.

And I dunno, looking at the pictures below, a gorgeous bride surrounded by tiffany blue gowned bridesmaids just don't work for me. Now that I look again and ponder, even sky blue or turquoise blue. 

Feels too bright and in your face like neon lights. 

I think choosing the right shade of blue is SO important to ensure it all comes together well. To make life easier on the bride during her planning, perhaps shades of blue might be easier to achieve. Shades of blue with lace.

However, if the blue is paired with red or a bold colour such as darker pink, it seems to work better. But hey, that's just my thoughts.

What do you peeps think?




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