Monday, April 18, 2011

Hong Kong styled french toast

Two Saturdays ago, Mr. C, Cousin Jo and I had tom yam mee hoon soup for dinner. But it wasn't enough or rather, we were just craving for something sweet. Hence, we decided to make french toast a.k.a 西多士 (sai to si).

This is one of my many sweet tooth weaknesses. I really like the one's at Kim Gary back home in Malaysia as it's crispy and they are rather generous with the peanut butter portion.

However, whilst living in Brissie, I just couldn't find any yummy tasting ones. The only one I tried was at CyberCity in Chinatown and it wasn't even yummy at all.

So, Saturday night after our tom yam, I googled 'Hong Kong french toast' together with Jo and we made our own.

Step 1 : Break 3-4 eggs into a bowl and whisk it together with a cup of milk. Add in some sugar if you like it to be sweet.

Step 2 : Spread a generous portion of peanut butter onto one side of a bread and butter onto one side of another piece of bread.

Step 3 : Put the two breads together, the peanut butter side facing the butter side. Dip it in the egg batter in Step 1 and deep fry it in a pan filled with oiled. Make sure it's on high fire.

Step 4 : Once egg coated bread is fried golden brown, take it out and put it on a plate. Put a scoop of butter on the top and finish off with a few squirts of maple syrup. If you fry the bread for too long and the fire not being hot enough, the bread will be oily.

Step 5 : Cut the French Toast into half and DIG IN!! =)

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Nava Kishnan said...

Its yummy for sure but can't have this always, then I will grow side ways and gone for my shape.

ken said...

nice!!.. never tried making french toast before.. one day i shall try.. haha :D

jfook said...

Whoa... Quite nice wor..

MiqTravellers said...

Yummy! Shall try it one day