Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's just me to try too hard

Sexy and beautiful women of the world...

Sometimes, I think I try too hard.

I try too hard not to appear dumb whilst proclaiming I am not smart. Or else, I try to look pretty - who doesn't like to be pretty and feel pretty?! - whilst saying I am not whenever someone compliments me.

I try so hard to be good in everything but end up not being good in anything. I think the worst is I make so much effort and go the extra mile for friends and family resulting in my getting burned.

If people don't keep in touch, that could just mean that they're busy. But sometimes, it could also mean, they just can't be bothered. Because if that someone mattered, you would make an effort to keep in touch etc. No questions asked. There'll just be no hesitation, no excuses. Right?

Just like when a guy likes a girl, he goes all out to court her. He'll call her, text her, ask her out etc. When he stops, usually, it's because he's lost interest and probably have moved on to another conquest.

And times like today, I just wished that I didn't try so hard. That I didn't care that much. Maybe it's not that I try hard but it's just who I am- going the extra mile for a person irregardless if the person deserves it or what I'd get in return though I do wish that it'll be reciprocated, that people actually realises it, recognise and appreciate the effort.

But it's human nature to take things for-granted and to only realise the value of that something and what it means to them when they've lost it. So, don't take those around you for-granted as you never know how long they'll be around.

And lesson to self, I go the extra mile not because I crave the 'something' I'll get in return but just because I want to. Just because God would want me to. Just because lot of people out there hurt and put on a facade. And that's what I strive to be - a good friend irregardless of the hurt and pain I feel when the friendship is taken for granted.


Kelvin said...

Glad u can think that way :)

goingkookies said...

Kelvin: =)

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