Monday, April 4, 2011

I am only VERY GOOD!

Courtesy of today's Herald Sun
I saw this in the newspaper a few days back and thought to challenge myself thinking that I could easily be EXCELLENT. Guess it was my pride talking because it appears that I am only VERY GOOD and that's with me struggling to make a minimum of four lettered words with no plurals including 'P'.
It would have been so much easier without the 'p' inclusion and I'd be able to make tons of words! Besides that, my brain is also rusty from the lack of use since I stopped working close to a year!
Why don't you try it out and see how GOOD or how EXCELLENT you can be! =)
Do yours first then come back here. NO peeping!!





Here's mine...
1) Peal
2) Peel
3) Please
4) Seep
5) Plea
6) Leap
7) Lapse
8) Sleep
9) Slap
10) Space
11) Place
12) Pale
13) Pace
14) Plebe
15) Pase
16) Pleb
17) Peace
18) Lape
19) Slape
20) Scalp
21) Cape
22) Capel
23) Pease
24) Clap
25) Escape
26) Palas
27) Palace

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