Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a nice song

How irksome you are.

I don't want to ask you if the songs mean anything. I simply refuse to ask. After all, it could just be a nice song and nothing else. Simple as ABC. Simple as 123.

This could just be a case of taking a simple action and overanalysing the situation. And we know how girls are good at this. Taking a stone and turning it over and over looking for a clue or a hidden meaning.

I leave you in my past. So why do you refuse to stay put? Everytime I think the door is close, you'll open another and reappear, invading my peace of mind.

I feel like a puppet at times, dancing to your tune. You jerk this way and I follow you. You jerk the other way and I oblige.

You ask me out of the blue to listen to a song that you say is a nice song. Well, thank you for being so kind as to share with me a nice song. Silly of me to think that there is more to the song than meets the eye. Silly of me to wonder if you're telling me something.

Whatever it is, to me, it is just a nice song and nothing more. Why? Because it cannot be anything more than just a song, a nice song.

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