Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The night before

Terse words exchanged.
Harsh words spouted.
Raging anger escalated.
A silent plea towards the high Heavens.
But was it all in vain?

Tantrum shown though unintentionally.
Opening Pandora's box.
A can of worms.
Thus, begins an unfinished business.

Disappearing act, your forte.
Pillow thrown and a glass knocked down.
Water strewn all over the new bedside table.
As tears cascaded non-stop.

She wiped the drenched table.
He appeared back.
Only to leave again.
A framed photo meets the door.
Lying on the ground, in pieces face down.

Sitting at the back.
Seeking comfort in the dark.
Yearning to be closer to Him.
Facing the stars and the moon.

Up in the sky, somewhere is a God.
Tears keep streaming.
Solace could not be found.
He came back and confrontation ensued.
And still, the tears wouldn't stop.

The tears were relentless.
And so were the heartaches.
Miscommunication and disappointments.
Kept revisiting.
Over and over again.
Haunting and taunting.

A hyperventilating cry baby.
A soften heart.
Embracing and forgiveness.
Drives all anger away.
Love never left.
And it's here to stay.
No matter what,
It's forever.

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