Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nature and all it's beauty

Flowers are a close subject to my heart. If you notice, I love to capture pictures of flowers. The intricacies of the folds of petals. The vibrant colours. And at times, the gentle swirl of it's sprigs. Flowers are one and yet many in variety.

You can have roses but even in roses, there are a multitude types and classes- the spesies, the old garden, the modern garden and even then, it further divides into their growth habits and flower forms.

I love looking back at my flower portfolios and gazing at them one by one. Amazed once again how something small and insignificant can bring a smile to a face. The meaning behind receiving a stalk or a bouquet and the happiness followed by the gesture of love.

Side tracking off roses... there's a golden retriever that lives across us. I've yet to meet its acquaintance but it was love at first side. Sssshhh... dont' tell Mr. C that. Then again, he probably knows. We really hope to get a dog of our own. Such a big house and land for a pet to roam free but the cost of maintaining one is out of our budget for now.

We initially wanted to get a guinea pig but after checkign out cage prices together with the monthly feeding and housing, we might as well start having a kid! I kid with Mr. C that we could buy a pair of hamsters and throw them into backyard to let them breed freely... who knows? We might be able to sell them for a profit!

Being an adult can be such a pain most times!

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