Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad name

"i know what junior 1 and junior 2 have in common...!!!"

"what is it??"

"they both go to the same church!"

This was about 2 juniors who have been giving their seniors a hard time in terms of how they go about their work also how they interact which basically boils down to their attitudes.

It's sad isn't it that instead of being ambassadors for God, one makes one the subject of mockery.

Then again, who am i to judge. After all, i myself, have not been going to church in awhile. A long while. Probably once or twice this year. This is bad. Maybe that's why my life is so unhappy or rather lacking or something.

When I was a child, every sunday without fail, i would go to church with my family. I used to love the bible stories told during sunday school even now, i wouldn't mind reading comic versions of abraham and isaac, noah's ark, soddom and gormorrah, tower of babel, how God created the earth in 7 days, joseph and egypt etc.

However, came adolescense period and somehow, i didn't feel like i fit in anymore. I mean, in fact, it was easier to mesh with my high school friends (who btw weren't christians) then in church where the whole clique thing was going on. Yes, i went to church for the service but not for the teens service. Guess, my level of faith is stunted at std6 which is sad isn't it and ppl think i m miss goody two shoes. miss holy. miss good christian when i m not! in fact, a far cry from it!

I want to make it my own faith but as you can see, i am making a muck out of it. or more like lack of going anything. No offense, but the speaker that speaks tend to be super dry that it fails to capture my attention or focus. and well, let's just say i m in need of saving...

perhaps i shall make extra effort to go this friday. if not for myself, but to at least remember that He died on the cross for me...

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