Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TOO much

i m feeling rather upset. today is the beginning of my study break and ytd, i worked til3am tidying up all my work and briefing my junior. today, my manager asked me to go in to work. but i told him i had fever and tummy pain and yet he asked if i could come in to clear stuff with him and partner as i m more familar and he's not too sure. seriously.

firstly, it's my study break. secondly, i m sick!! thirdly, i already briefed my jr. on everything that i know and i had already replied partner's queries and documented what i know. fourthly, i mean, he can just settle whatever it is just as easily by calling client or the other senior right? it's not to say that only i know whatever that is going on as i've been updating him everyday the progress!

and now.. tmr i have to go in cos he says that the partner has additional comments and want me to check with client. i mean if it's so urgent that no one else can do it but me, that's a different thing isn't it? i feel so mad. how to even start studying?

seriously, i do not recommend this field to well 80% of the ppl out there who plan to join audit. it wil suck you dry. mostly, you won't feel appreciated. you'll feel overworked. have no life. seriously!

and here i always thought they really won't call you back from study break. guess not.

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