Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mr. Quack!!!

HAPPY FEELINGS I've been super hyper/happy since ytd. Eventhough I had to go back to office to work and clear all my outstanding matters ytd, it didn't felt that bad as Monday begins my STUDY BREAK!!! whoooppiieee!!! and probably cos Moo and Cheesetaro was there too!

Moo said that i was different from my usual self. Then again, she kept calling me a slut when she was the one who couldn't keep her hands off me!! Or was it her saying me being bitchy?? hmmmm.. now who would believe that of 'lil innocent me, right?

HELPFUL COLLEAGUES Thankful and grateful that cheesetaro helped me with my cash flow and tax disclosure as i couldn't tie them! Seriously, this is like the second time that he's rescued me. I mean, to others, it might be a no-big-deal thing as they're smart and can solve their work.

However, humble and not-so-smart me super appreciates the effort as he was and probably still is swamp with his mountain load of work! We were stuck at cash flow for and hour ok! So, dinner treat sometime on me ya!!

EASTER SUNDAY I was practically bouncing around today and super happy or somewhat happier than i have been for the past few months. Even my sis gave me the you-have-gone-bonkers look!

Managed to go to church today though i don't know what exactly did it do for my soul. However, a pat on my back! I even went to church for Good Friday service on Friday. I was working until 7pm ish and told my manager that i had to rush off. After briefing him (as per his request although i said i had to rush off), i dashed home in my beloved Edward. But somehow, i didn't feel or get what i was looking for.

Anyways, back to today. I had lunch with my petbro after ages of not hanging out due to.. well, circumstances and disappointments cos he was being such a jerk but hey.. who's perfect right? (dun tell him i said that though... not that he reads this blog.. hehe.. not that he really reads either.. ok.. see what i mean?? i m becoming mean!!!)

anyhow, since we couldn't make it in time for movie we left 1u and headed to Brother's to get him some wipers and twitters. We had to wait for almost frigging 2 hours for the twitters to be installed!! And we kept cringing seeing the installer attempt to pry open his radio part as they had to connect the wire from the twitter to the radio, i think. Oh well, made it home feeling sooo exhausted cos of the humid air.

MINI BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!! I don't know what was it that compelled me to do whatever that i did.. maybe something about the way he mentioned earlier about reaching quarter of the century and did not seem too excited about it... i had a brilliant idea and went looking for doughnuts.. however, krispy kreme at niu che shui was closed and i raced off to ss2's starbucks.

you should have seen me and my sis in discussion as to what to get. i was asking her if she thought that i could fit all 25 candles onto the tiny marble cheesecake or onto a doughnut and me asking if i could smash it into his face.. but we finally settled on "zest" some yummilicious looking muffin!

Came back home, wrapped his present that i actually bought for him last year but never had the chance to give it to him, texted him to see if he was home and after waiting like forever, he replied that he was reaching home and that i could come over. i hurriedly took the muffin out and placed it in a box in a paperbad together with his present and drove over to his house. i lighted the 2 big candles and 5 tiny ones onto the muffin and text him to hurry out.

ON THE BIRTHDAY BOY How on earth could i have predicted that he would be such a snail in getting his posterior out of the house???!!! by the time he came out, 2 tiny candles had burnt into the muffin or rather sinked and i had to snuff them out before the muffin erupted in flames! i was too flustered to sing a bday song plus... he asked me to shoosh and no make so much sound! sheesh..

anyhows.. he made a wish. or was it many wishes?? and blew the candles. we chatted for a bit and here i m.. i ve never done sth like that before.. and it's a nice feeling to surprise someone! (i was inspired by gill as i remembered how she surprised me in 2006 for my bday while i was stressed out studying for my exams! she popped over to my house with a slice of cake but i don't think she litted it) you should have seen me panicking that the candles will drop or burn the paperbag!!

Well, he seemed "touched". I guess he's always been the one doing special stuff for his gfs and all and it is nice to have someone do sth special instead... even if it's someone who's not romantically interested in him!! then again, he has given me rather memorable birthday presents like patrick for my 16th bday!! my first perfume by ralph lauren during S.A.M. year. Birthday dinner at some Japanese restaurent near SJMC with their to-die-for softshell crab sushi!! Guess watch which probably was the most expensive present ever!! The Guess watch is a touching story on its own.

this year, all i did was.. appeared outside his house about 12am ish with a muffin and 7 candles (that melted to 2 big candles and 3tiny ones making it 23years old instead) and a man united "teddy bear" shirt from jonkers street!

he said that i m the best sis ever!! yes, i know i am but it's nice to be acknowledged! haha.... kidding!!

actually, it was more of me wanting to see him attempt to blow out 25 tiny candles off a doughnut! dunno why i thought it'll be funny but 7eleven's decided to thwart my plans by selling fat, white colour blackout candles and not the bday party ones!! it would have been funnier if i had managed to get my hands on those that you've to keep blowing but the fire keeps coming back on!

oh yeah, too bad i didn't have a camera. if not, there would have been some entertaining pics!


kristin said...

baabeeeee does he even hv ur blog addy to read this PROMISE of belanjaing him makan??? hehehe

hey whats this abt krispy kreme???

Anonymous said...

no he doesnt!! hehe.. but i did tell him i wanna belanja him la.. but he act like it's ok..

krispy kreme opened at berjaya times square on the 26th if not mistaken... and also going to pavillion..