Thursday, April 2, 2009

When will it be my turn?

I am the below everyday....

"are you ok??? you look pale"

" how are you feeling?"

" how is your cough? have you recovered?"

and of course... every girl's nightmare...

"wah!!! you look so chan!!! are you ok or not??"

People can say that because they can see. and they see with their eyes and not their mouth! can the higher level ppl see that? Instead of inquiring from the person concerned, they ask "other" people instead. What and where is the logic? Then again, if they had the logic or genuine concern, things won't really continue on being the way they are.

Just found out that my tablemate on the right is leaving for axxon and my other "tablemate" that sits opposite me left for good and in the mean time is going on her holiday trip. How awesome is that? super envy.

If only i had such option. If i had such luxury, i would have said "adieu" long time ago! Some ppl will say it's not wise to leave without securing another position. Then again, if one has no obligations etc, why put yourself in a spot.

It's like jumping from one shit hole to another.

Why not take the time to enjoy life. To take things easy. To perhaps, rediscover oneself. or anything!!!

praying for a miracle....

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soolynnie said...

Damn! I think we are psychic! I just blogged somthing similar to your post. And the only similarity btwn us is workin audit.