Tuesday, April 28, 2009


OMG OMG!! For a moment i forgot how to spell panic.

Is it spelt with a "c"?? or a "k"?? or both???!!!!

Exams in 3 days time and i m far from ready. I shouldn have stayed home n moped n be depressed trying to force myself to study the first week. Instead, i should have gone out shopping, walking, anything and everything BUT besides trying to study. Now, 2 weeks have gone and what did i do????


Mistake no. 1 was that i didn't enjoyed myself for at least a week doing non-work/study related matters.

Mistake no. 2 was that i didn't zoom in straight to the case study as mentioned by others instead smart me tried to go through the modules and even then completed only half.

Mistake no. 3 was not going for the stupid stupid workshop! HUGE sigh.

Well, too late for regrets once again. Only thing is to plan for the next few days and make the best of it even if my heart's telling me that most likely, i m going to fail this stinking paper. Then again, i feel like throwing in the towel, say wth and just relax and defer the stinking paper... But you know what??? My human nature is hoping against ALL hope that i might just pass it after all!!

Should be studying now but feeling super bloated and full and OMG that time of the month is aroudn the corner! Of all timing!!! I should be studying but here i m blogging. Even ms lyn who started her study break later than me is ahead of me in her preparation. Bleh. She even got her bf to help her out!!! Cheat! =p hehe...

ok. back to studies... more like kill more brain cells analysing the case study.

anyhows.. FINGERs crossed!!! and toes too!!

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