Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Childhood memory

Was at Jaya One's Starbucks the whole afternoon coming up with stupid answers for the stupid case study. Anyhow. Was bored for awhile and resorted to kacauing my sister by:

1) Making buzzing sounds and motioning my hand all around her ears mimicking a real fly with super loud BZZZZ sounds to see her level of tolerance. She was not perturbed whatsoever.

2) Did the 2 finger walk up her left arm towards her left shoulder and once again. NO response.

Gosh. She was rather focused on her work. Or perhaps trying her best to ignore me, the fly.


3) Then, i saw her earlobe and used my second finger to flick her earlobe up and down just to kacau her. That didn't really work either.

This brought me back to once-upon-a-time when i was a small kid and i did the exact same thing to someone else.... my childhood friend!

He had super thick earlobes and we were told apparently that chinese belief is that it is a sign of his future... upcoming... perhaps soon-to-be properity!! And somehow, it tickled me to kacau him and play with his earlobes flicking them up and down much to his irritation. =p

Wonder if he still has thick earlobes.

ps: I can't wait for Lyn to email me her answers so i can compare hers and mine. Some places i am stuck and am wondering if they're right. Bummer. Got to complete them tonight and it's already 10pm and i am not even half way through!!!

pss: Trying to do my stupid e-tax filing but can't seem to find the link. Plus, i still can't seem to find ALL the receipts for ALL the books i bought last year that i have been saving up for this stupid, stupid occassion!! Guess, i'll just have to forgo the tax deduction. Bummer again.

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