Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First time Gym, Part 1

My muscles are aching at the moment. You should have seen the instructor bouncing around the room and mind you, i don't think she's that young. Perhaps in her 40's or so?? Yeah yeah. I know i should be studying but somehow i can't seem to. I would wake up super late into the day and watch tv late into the evening and then, regret it, make resolutions for the next day but somehow...
Anyways, I wanted to blog on a lot of things but now, just no mood to blog anymore. I wish i knew what was the right route or that i would have guts to follow my heart. I guess, maybe in a way, i don't want to break her heart or disappoint her but it's sad that i don't have her support, too. I mean, does it not matter if i cry all the time? Perhaps not.
Oh well... nowadays i don't seem to have mood for anything. At least, last time, when i was down, i could blog.

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