Thursday, May 21, 2009

H1N1 Flu

My company currently implemented a policy whereby if you're feeling unwell even if it's unrelated to the H1N1 flu... STAY HOME! Don't go to work and infect others. If you think it's because the company is concerned over it's staff's health and welfare, then THINK AGAIN! As if. *hehe* They just don't want you to contaminate the remaining slave force!!

My colleague mentioned that he was feeling unwell and that the doctor told him to take the day off . But he being ever smart, nerdy and hardworking soldiered on with work and to client's. I told him, if tomorrow he is still unwell, he should really stay home and rest.

But of course, i told him to infect me first! =p and what is it that Malaysia calls it the H1N1 flu when others are calling it the SWINE flu??!! Is it because of the word, "SWINE" meaning piggie... and for the obtuse.. B-A-B-I!! Not baby k. It's just comes to show you some people's idiocy.

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