Sunday, May 24, 2009

Punching bag

pic taken:

It appears to me that I am somehow people's emotional punching bag.

When a person is ticked off or pissed off by someone else, they take it out on me. When that happens and they're moodless, they expect me to buzz off and scram without forewarning me at times expecting me to have like what??!! a reading people's mind talent??!!!

And when they're all chirpy and happy, they expect me to reciprocate in kind. Like HELLO??!!!

I am not some robot or emotionless thing with an on/off button where you can expect me to adjust to your every moods. Ever thought of my very own moods and feelings??!! And yeah, if only I could stay away from people like that. After all, the 6 closest people to you are probably those that will influence you somehow.

However, it's a bit hard to distance oneself when they're your family or loved ones.

and you guys mutter that I am a pessimist. Gee. I wonder why.

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