Saturday, May 30, 2009


More than half the day is gone. Sigh. Wished weekends would last forever! Then I'll have no cause to be depress whatsoever!! WHOOPPIIEE!!

Darn it! Keep on dreaming.

1. Wash Edward UPDATES: Done
2. Tidy room UPDATES: Only partially
3. Come up with Ikea combination of bookshelves for my house UPDATES: Not yet
4. Update my ideas UPDATES: Not yet
5. Take my sister to the Doctor's UPDATES: She refuses to go
6. Research online and apply my ideas UPDATES: Not yet
7. Stay healthy by going to the gym! UPDATES: Not yet..tmr perhaps?

ps: hungry!! going to try out Chow Yang's la jiu pan mee!! UPDATES: not that great. wouldn't really go back there unless SUPER desperate!

Updated at 6.40pm

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