Sunday, May 17, 2009

No longer me

Antisocial jane is no fun.
Big and fat is chubby and frumpy.
Crying silent tears.
Dejected and desolated at the way things are.
Everlasting memories for the good and the bad.
Faithful til the end?
Grouchy and griping does not make you a friend.
Hairy and horny gets you no where.
Initial perception maybe false impression.
Journeys are part and parcel of life.
Knight in shining armour is just a fanciful notion.
Life passes one by if one limits oneself.
Mopping and griping, wasted opportunities.
Never say never.
Optimism is the key if only one embraces it.
Patience is a virtue.
Queensland is where i want to be.
Revel in your imperfections.
Sleeping is just a form of escapism.
Truth is reality that hurts.
Utopia, a refuge i seek.
Vision leads to action.
Wisdom is knowing what to do next.
Xenophobia means a fear of strangers or foreigners.
Yearning is just a waste of energy and time.
Zealous with passion is better than none.

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