Friday, May 1, 2009

Lyn d bimb aka ex- meanie... my hero-ine!!!

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EXAMS... For those who are interested in how i did for my exam yesterday, basically -not good. I couldn't finish so many questions. I allocated roughly 30mins for each question with each question having 3 parts and in total there were 4 questions. However, i took 30 minutes just to complete one part of one question!! Hence, i didn't finish part c for all 4 questions and some part b's too... which doesn't bode too well for my potential passing grade.

Besides that, my hormones just have exceptionally GREAT timing. During the exam, i started experiencing back cramps, stomach cramps and leg cramps!! First days are the worst!! Felt like i was freezing in Melbourne winter on the streets without a stitch of clothing on! Even with Lyn (she wants to be known as Lyn d boobies though), the life saver's answers didn't help much! Poor thing. After all the effort that she had invested in her preparation, we were just thrown off track by the exam questions and how to modify our answers to fit the questions. So, here's hoping for a miracle to happen for both of us!!

Now, i have to start mugging for my next exam. As must as i like study break and being away from hellhole, studying dry, boring and USELESS stuff is rather tedious. Instead of wasting it on studies, i should utilise my leaves for HOLIDAYs!!!!

AFTER EXAMS... Anyways, after the miserable exam, we went to 1u to meet Lyn's friends, Ting and Poh. They're super sweet and sot. Sot as in koo koo, as in crazy, as in siao but in a nice and fun way. We headed to Full House at Niu Che Shui as Lyn wanted to experience the ambience. Lyn was livid cos her camera died on her just as we were taking pics of her outside the shop. And she was practically mentally strangling herself when we stepped into the interior. The shop basically has a lot of spots where you can take pics and camwhore. (Why does ppl call it camwhore btw? sounds so uncouth....)

LYN'S PALS... Finally met Winnie and her bf who's also a high school mate's cousin. This means, i have met the bkk trip kakis!! Which will only be Winnie, Ting, Lyn and me. Winnie is boisterous and cute with her antics. She and her bf are super cute together. On the other hand, Poh strikes me as poised, friendly and sweet. Somehow it's the way she carries herself. Very mature and hints of elegance. Ting appears to be the baby of the group. They look out FOR her and OVER her and AT her. Poking fun at her, too!

They're so cute, friendly and farnee k.... and definitely one LOUD group!! We were laughing really loudly over Poh's situation and the ppl from other tables kept glancing at us. But it didn't matter. Despite the conversation being in cantonese 90% of the time, i could roughly understand the gist of the jokes. And besides, Lyn, Poh and Winnie asked me every once in awhile if i understood what was being said. This display of consideration really warms the cockles of my heart.

And you know what??? I think BKK trip is going to be a blast!! Tis a pity that Poh will not be joining us. Lyn, feel free to make any plans to go anywhere, do anything and everything!! I seriously don't mind!! Am open for anything!! =) hehe. But of course nothing TOO extreme. Knowing your propensity of potential siaoness.

I now understand how you are always happy and positive. Well, for one thing, it's cause of your optimistic nature. However, i think it's also cause you have such great friends!! It's always a privilege to meet new friends and especially if they're warm, fun, friendly and crazy people!!


soolynnie said...

Hahahha... hillarious!!! You called her POH & not May Poh!!!!! She'll be all freaked out coz POH = boobs in canto & she doesnt have ok!!! waahhahaha.
and poised!?!? wtf are u serious essy? she has the most vulgarish vocab amongst all of us. now she atracts bald, freaks & essy.

May Poh said...

Soo wouldn't have expected that i know esther's blog huh??shocked huh??? Hahaha cos im smart...and excuse me?since when i dont have boobs??????cant believe how you ruin my image here..hey you're always the one with the "f" word..i seriously dont even understand what it means.tsk tsk tsk...

anyway, Nice meeting you esther. you look very very extremely sweet =) i wanted so much to join you guys to bkk too but too bad i dont have as MUCH leaves (its uncountable) as Soo. but dont worry, once Soo is back year end, there're plenty of chances hanging out together. Welcome to our "family" =)

goingkookies said...

soolynnie: haha.. how i know?? tot boobs in canto = hong?? next time i'll say may or mp lor.. =p eh i tot u stop calling me essy?? =p just mad cos u score so low on my fb quiz??

mp: haha.. wahh so sai lek can find my blog.. scared.. keke.. yeah yeah.. dunno how this lyn has SO many leaves. hmmm... thanks for including me as "öne of d family"!! don't worry.. won't be an "ähem" case!!

soolynnie said...

wah, mp! u r really a stalker. worse than baldie mohamad, nelson & molestor etc. heheheh

May Poh said...

esther: what's "ahem" case?????

Lyn: excuse me, i'm no stalker k. remember the conversation you had with ting where you posted easther's blog to ting??? just need some inteligence =)
....*you can't compare me with those freaks k..*

goingkookies said...

the ahem case is the one someone who used to be in ur circle of friends who turned out to be ......

erm.. get it??

haha.. wat u mean lyn posted my blog to ting?? haha.. lyn. secrets out!

Winnie said...

at this website the first meaning is


One entry found.

Main Entry: bois·ter·ous
Pronunciation: \ˈbȯi-st(ə-)rəs\
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Etymology: Middle English boistous crude, clumsy, from Anglo-French
Date: 14th century
1obsolete a: coarse b: durable, strong c: massive
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3: stormy, tumultuous


may poh said...

Hmmm...i still dont get it...what is it???????

Haha winnie is can???

goingkookies said...

hi winnie!!! why did u make a comment on boisterous??

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