Monday, May 11, 2009

Taare Zameen Par

After a LONG day out with the family looking at numerous tv tables, dressing tables, bookcases, shelves, shoe cupboards; long ones, tall ones, short ones, fat ones, reasonably priced ones, expensive ones, black to white to brown to OMG... from on LDP to Ikea... we came back home and watched Taare Zameen Par on Astro.

Yeah. my family watches indian movies. More like my mother. Ever since i started work, i hardly watch tv. More of watching series on my laptop ie boston legal, grey's anatomy, how i met your mother, monk etc. Anyways, it was a pretty good movie about a boy having dyslexia and how misunderstood he was. As children who have dyslexia, it's tough for them to read and spell. And the movie showed how 8 year old Ishaan, initially depicted as a naughty boy who was forever not doing his homework and is always disruptive in classes and getting into trouble which then led to his father sending him to a boarding school.

At the beginning, the teachers were also the same as at his previous school. Always scolding,punishing and humiliating him as he had problem reading and writing. It came to a point where he simply withdrew and sink into a perpetual state of fear and depression. However, the plot progressed with Ishaan improving with the help of a temporary art teacher who could relate to him as the art teacher himself had suffered from dyslexia!

The show ended with Ishaan winning the art competition held in the school among students and teachers and how touched and proud his parents were at his accomplishments!!

Basically, dyslexia is a language learning disorders that normally starts during childhood whereby the dyslexic can't write or spell correctly. They often are confused and jumble their words backwords or reversed ie dog becomes god or "b" is "d" or "w" could be a "m"!

There are many famous people who suffered or used to suffer from dyslexia such as Walt Disney (Founder of disney cartoons), Thomas Addison (the inventor of lights), Albert Einstein, Actors and actresses such as Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Robbin Williams, Salma Hayek, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves, Keira Knightley, Patrick Dempsey and even Richard Branson!! Well, i am not 100% how legit the info is but it was sourced from here. Even in the movie, they mentioned that abishek bachan, the famous bollywood actor also known as amitabachan's son and husband to aishwarya rai used to be dyslexic!

Despite such a start in life, at the end of it, they made something out of their lives. And this shows that anyone can be anything if they would just give wings to their dreams. Or at least try. Note to self. hehe.

ps: DARN IT! it's back work in 8 hours time! bummer. STAY P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E no matter what! or at least try...

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