Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BEST marriage proposal of all times???

I really empathise with guys. Scratch that. Only on the wooing and courting occasion.

You see, when they are interested in a girl, the effort they have to put into the courting process plus attempting to decipher the girl's sometimes-mixed-signals to discern if the feelings are reciprocated. And if the feeling is not mutual, he either faces rejection or is played out by the girl (unfortunate case).

However, if she does get caught up in his wooing and agrees to be his girlfriend. Then comes the time when somewhere along the way, the guy decides that she's the one, he, then has to go through yet another process of coming up with the best wedding proposal ever.

I previously told my bf that if he ever does decide to propose, it better be a romantic one. I don't think it's demanding, I mean, after all, it's a ONCE in a lifetime thing. Well, for me, that's going to be the case, in good times and especially the bad times.

When I visited him in August, it appeared that he misunderstood me. He thought that by romantic, I meant an expensive gesture ie dinner... champagne with a roomful of spectators to witness the proposal etc.

And I said somewhat indignantly, "hello??! How long have you known me??".

And I told him that it's not that difficult to come up with a proposal. One could always surf the net, youtube it, or asks ideas from friends. One of my ideas were, it could just be a simple picnic outing and as we take a stroll along the path or something.. we would come along a scatter of roses/any flower's petals that form a "will-you-marry-me" words. Or instead of petals, it could be candles, whatever that is cheapest if one wasn't well off.

His friend did a similar proposal to his girlfriend when they went to Phuket just last month! Dang. Stoled my idea.

I know my boyfriend isn't exactly a romantic guy, no complains here (ok, maybe just teensy grumbles) but I accept that as a fact. Which is exactly why, his proposal has to be romantic!

So, I put it in simple terms for him by what I meant as romantic. I don't mean romantic that it has to be a grand affair. By romantic, it would be nice to see and feel the effort put into it especially to feel how much I mean to you. After all, you're asking me to spend the rest of my life with you!

When it comes to a wedding proposal, you would think that most guys should know at least the basic criterias. Even if the girl is knocked up or you guys have been together for ANCIENT years, come on GUYS, put some effort into in.

Here's a basic must-haves when it comes to proposing IMHO...

1) Go down on bended knees.
I am an old school, traditional girl. So, yes. Bended knees ARE a must! If I wasn't a traditionalist, I would be the one doing the proposal. In fact, I have a few ideas up my sleeve. *Haha* Too bad that I won't be putting it to use.

2) Flowers or other gifts
This one varies. To some girls, it's a must have. For me, it's not mandatory. I would prefer gestures more than an object.

3) Meaningful words before the "Will you marry me?"
You can't just pop the 4 words question without saying something soulful... meaningful... touching. Just be sincere and I believe, the words will just flow naturally. If not, there's always google and friends to get your 'inspiration' from.

4) A ring!
Yeah, it may be a cliche or whatevernot but diamonds are MOST girl's best friend. In some cases, just because a girl might not fancy it, doesn't mean that you can't get her a ring. Just get something more to her liking. Can't believe that my boyfriend thought that I wasn't into diamond rings. *Tsk tsk*

And if you can't really afford a 1carat ring or a 0.3-0.5 carat ring, you could always find a substitute with a declaration to replace it when you have sufficient funds. It's really how you go about expressing yourself.

However, if you have had the intention to propose, then by right, you should set aside a sum for the necessary stuff before hand.

and here I leave you with a clip of a really cool marriage proposal.. It didn't felt like a real proposal but after seeing the girl's expression, I think it is.

I smiled, laughed and felt quite OMG as I watched the clip. So, guys, you have no excuse to give your gals a ROMANTIC and sweet proposal!!

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