Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you?

WISHFUL THINKING: I dreamt that my Nuffnang earnings went up by RM100!! I checked but NO such thing. =(


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Do forgive me. It has been awhile since my last major melancholic meltdown. Allow me some moments of emoness. I am sure everyone goes through this every once in awhile. And if you don't, you just ain't human!

The past few days haven't been great and I really hope to snap out of it soon. It's as if the past 5 months effort of me trying to stay out of this mode just went "whissshhh...", swept away. After the crazy joking last night, I seriously thought I was back on my feet. Only to be knocked off them again from a demoralising prep talk. Then, came the torrents of waterfall.

Just a thought. Ok. A few thoughts.

Have you ever felt so low that
nothing seems to matter anymore? Literally nothing?

OR that the person you look to just don't seem to give you the words of comfort you seek?
OR perhaps, you just can't seem to see the bright spots? ANY bright spots. And you don't even want to see it just right then??!!

Does this low feeling ever make you have a crazy urge to scream on top of your lungs and let it all out??!!

Maybe you experienced the feeling of such sadness which overwhelms you so much that you can't stop the tears from streaming down? and the harder you try, the harder it falls?

OR perhaps... the impulse to do something extremely crazy is SO strong? Perhaps, to just feel the short term adrenaline rush that numbs the pain.

Well, I have.

But this is today and tomorrow shall be a new day.

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