Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 25th birthday, my childhood friend!

Pic taken from HERE.

We were in the same kindy
And you were a wolf.
Your mum brought you over when we were 7,
You came, day in, day out til we were 15.

Paper boats we played,
Badminton, we smashed.
Dogs bit you,
I punched you (unintentionally, of course).

Artistic and smart you were,
Average and plain I was.
Studies, a breeze for you,
Whilst I fudge my way through.

Papers we exchanged,
Names of crushes revealed.
Plenty a movies we watched,
Many a conversations we had.

Walking back from school,
Walking in pasar malam.
Playing in the rain,
Playing just like friends.

Time passed,
we grew up and apart.
We walked different paths,
but now we keep touch.

You're quarter of a century,
but not necessarily old.
Just older, more matured,
and hopefully wiser! =p

HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY to you, dear childhood pal.

ps: and to you too, KCY!!


Kennee said...

Awww... Ur fren and myself same gang d... XD OMG i feel so old... ^^

wong said...

whooaaaa~~ u guys have known each other for so long!!!! I dun even have 1 eh..got oso but not close close n furthermore no contact adi~~

anyway, wishing you fren happie bday o!! may you guys have an everlasting friendship!!

Stay peave "\/"

goingkookies said...

Kennee: your birthday today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!!! Don't think u 're old.. it's all in the mind.. we're always young til we allow ourselves to feel old!

WONG: haha.. from kindergarten.. but we ain't that close due to some reasons.. hopefully that change..

yeah.. thanks.. i hope so too!

kenwooi said...

wow.. that's really a long friendship!
happy birthday to your friend =)