Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursdays #3 End of burnt brain cells

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You know how people always say, "Go early for your exams"?? Well, don't listen to them. Go in time for your exam 'cos if you go early like me, you'll hear people discussing certain things and some people reading intensely or others will their multiple tabs all over their file.. and!

Anyhow, during reading time, when I first browsed through the questions, I was quite happy to know how to answer Question 1 & 2 rather confidently. However, Question 3 and 4 was a different story altogether.

In total, there is Part A: 16 MCQs (Multiple-Choice-Questions) which is your typical objective question and Part B: 4 essay writing questions. And you only have 3 hours to complete the whole freaking exam.

So, learning from past mistake, I allocated only 30minutes for each of the non-MCQs question. And from 2.30pm onwards to 4pm, my hand was vigorously in action, writing word after word amidst the hand cramps. With the rush to keep to time, my handwriting was really bad! Really bad. At times, illegible! I even put a ps: at the end of the 4th question apologising for my disgustingly horrendous handwriting!

Completing Question 1 & 2 boosted my confidence. However, reaching Question 3, I was stumped a little but just wrote away. Question 4 was a real joy killer. For 8 marks for each sub parts, how on earth to write so much to score those points? Ish. Probably only scored 2-5marks out of 16marks!

Anyway, all I can say now is THANK GOD my exam is over. And I hope that it is OVER for GOOD. I was aiming for a distinction but after disgusting question no.4... a pass or credit would suffice.

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