Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinner at Williams, Taman Mayang

RANDOM: My dad used to say to me whenever he was hungry that "a hungry man is an ANGRY man".


With my dad's current health ie high blood pressure and in a bid for healthier food plus cost cutting measures, I had planned to cook cabbage soup and ginger fish for dinner tonight after work. However, on my way home, my dad said that he was too hungry to wait and hence, we headed to William's for dinner instead which is just down my house.

Supposedly, William is Murni's brother. Murni is the eatery in SS2, well known to all for it's Roti Hawaii, Roti ayam special dishes and Ribena Longan special etc., to name a few.

My dad had plain Nasi Lemak although I fail to see how that is healthy or good for him including the Roti Canai that he ordered after his rice.

I wasn't too hungry and was rather indecisive as to what to have and finally decided to try Roti Special.


It looked rather tantalising. Tastewise, it was alright. Nothing much to shout about. What's inside you ask? It's some chunky chicken slice with egg and coleslaw.

However, it took them sooo long to serve it. Plus, it would have been better if the egg and chicken was HOT whilst offset by the COOL coleslaw. But by the time the food reached me, it was just lukewarm.

For RM7, it's a little pricey. RM4 or 5 would have been more appropriate.

The workers were SO absorbed in the footy match. Maybe that's why it took so long for my food to be served.

UPDATE: After my bro saw my entry, he, too wanted to head to William's to try the ROTI SPECIAL. It's because of my good photography skills, hence, a tantalising picture. William's should pay me for this review. *haha*

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kenwooi said...

murni is a nice place to eat..
never knew about william before.. haha.. =D


goingkookies said...

haha it is.. but a bit pricey.. AND super tough to find parking!!

u could give it a go.. it's a bit of high class mamak with erm... not so nice ambience =p

Chavah Kinloch said...

That looks so amazingly delicious!!!!

goingkookies said...

haha.. maybe it was cos of the angle =p

u could always try out the food and see for urself.. it was just so-so.. but nothing super great