Friday, October 30, 2009


SOMETHING ABOUT ME: Happy endings to a movie is a MUST for me.


We only have 24hours in a day and yet we spend approximately 6-8hours of it sleeping, another 8-14hours working, 2-4hours of it consuming our daily meals and the remaining hours pooping or peeing or showering and generally on the road, getting from one point to another.

It feels as if I have a mountainful of things I want to do from learning how-to-play-the-guitar to blogging-about-events-or-contests-or-politics-or things-that-matter to learning-new-songs-on-the-piano to job hunting to doing house chores to settling house matters and the list just goes on and on. And this is NOT even including my weekly korean lessons and badminton sessions!

I still want to go swimming, dancing, shopping, learning more on photography and writing etc. It's as if I am trying to do all the things I missed out on, that I didn't managed to do in my college and uni years!

Plus, with my waking up to half the day gone, I have even less hours to do anything!! Dang.

And with that, there are just endless things going through my mind to be sorted out just like my unsorted blog lists and pictures and movies cluttering my mini netbook.

That's me at the moment- cluttered.

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