Friday, October 9, 2009

Kooky Pics #7 Beautiful Skies

The sun was just shining above South Bank, Brisbane on my last day of stay.

I am having mixed feelings. Pure joy for the end of this chapter in my life and yet wary of what's to come..

My colleagues had a farewell dinner for me tonight. After dinner, they asked for a speech but words just failed me. What is there to say? What do I feel? How do I put what I feel into words?

All I know is that I feel the sunlight shining brightly at me.

I feel free. I feel lighter.

I just want to jump in glee and skip around the room. Put a smile on someone's face. Anyone! Or do crazy things and live for the moment like enjoying the rush from a rollar coaster ride or belt my lungs out at a karaoke session.

Just living the moment. And riding the waves.

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