Friday, October 23, 2009


I was thinking of coming up with another idea for the previous Smashpop's contest entry I posted HERE on Wednesday and was just digging though my old pictures. GOSH. I have sooo many albums!!

Albums ranging from 1995 and some, way earlier from 1993, all the way til present year!

My sweet 16th birthday party album.

My Aussie 2007 & some 2008 picture album!

A stack of hundreds of unsorted pictures and no albums to put them into yet.

1995- My two lil cousins & I- those 2 have now blossom into pretty chics and are now in college!

1996- My cheeky cousin, Jason who used to steal my soft toy, Mr. Penguin!

AND this is his younger brother who is now 6ft tall, if I am not mistaken.

1991- My std 1 class (and my crush is in the pic, if I am not wrong).

Remember those times when you'll get EVERYONE to sign at the back of the photos???

2001- If not mistaken the year, in Cameron Highlands with dearest Patches.

2002- SAM classmates and maths teacher! That was an awesome year.

2004- If not mistaken the year once again, Unimates celebrating Charlene's birthday at Chillis, 1Utama.

2004- Metropolitan College's free ball aka prom night.

With the bf and Sean, who decided to erm... spoil the pic?

2000- My 16th birthday!

That's me before blowing out the cannot-be-extinguished-by-blowing-candles that my mum bought unintentionally! Provided lots of laughter.

What's it with guys and jelly??

My bf and childhood friend and bananas. Punishment to a game we played- feed each other bananas, blindfolded, if not mistaken!

And my FIRST shot for the competition! My sis (partner-in-crime photographer) said it looked weird.

So, we had Take 2. Urgh! Dislike my unpretty/unsharp/uncute nose!

And we even attempted at a non-normal-smiley-kind-of-pic. But... eeps!!
Again.. the unattractive nose.

Just a portion of my photo albums.

Well, the remaining *unwashed pictures are in my laptop and all those thumbdrives above!!

*unwashed pictures- Company's 2008 annual dinner, Aussie 2008 and 2009 trip, BKK 2009 trip, weddings, colleagues farewells, Penang trip, CNY2009, Company's 2008 community day and so many other misc pictures of scneries, flowers etc!!

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