Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making a fool of myself?

Well, everyone's probably done something silly, crazy, insane or even lame at least ONCE in their life or so I keep trying to console myself...

You see, I was browsing SMASHPOP.NET's blog regarding the "WIN 100 free prints" competition and realised that the competition is ONLY up to this FRIDAY! and EVERYDAY, they will select one lucky winner...
I don't usually join much competition as I am either slow, missed the deadline or lack of ideas. This is one competition I would really, really love to win as I have LOADs of pictures to wash and
no money to wash them!.

And when I say A LOT of pics.. it goes to several hundreds, probably thousands! My 2008 & 2009 Aussie trips, BKK trips, birthdays, events and whole bunch of misc pics.

Hence, instead of studying AND waiting to do it after my exam (on Thursday) which will be too late by then... I bugged my accomplice and partner in crime brother to assist me.

WARNING: PSSSSsss... Please don't laugh.. there are a LOT of unflattering pictures of me and yes... I need to lose weight! =p The things desperate people do.

STEP 1- Write out my sign. DUH!
Notice the little stick man portraying smashpop's signature air split/jump!

STEP 2: Trying to execute the signature jump.
One of the better in-the-air shots albeit the blurriness.

STEP 3 - AFTER numerous attempts...
eh Ko.. WHY still blur??!!!
still FAIL!!!

Step 4: waitaminute. We're still at Step 2's strike a pose???!!!
OK... I give up on the jumping pose.. how about trying to "look" as if I jumped with my leg up? NO??!!

STEP 5: OK. get ready... 1, 2.. SNAP!!
Darn it! This is a before-I-jump shot.
FAIL again!!!!!

Step 5: I did a pretty good jump.
Seriously after many many jumps.. it was one of the better ones. I swear!!

STEP 6: And jump again, I did.
The best shot I have.


A close up on the words...

With SMASHPOP's face!! *hehe* Means endorsed already!! right??

So, what do you guys think?? Possible potential to win?? Too bad I can't ask you to vote. =) Now, it's back to studies... WAITAMINUTE.. it's SO late that it's time to hit the sack! NITE to all...

or rather a GOOD MORNING to you!

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Lisa717 said...

hehehehhe~~~ kinda funny to look at those jumping pics which failed ler..hahhaa..glad that you managed to snap a perfect 1 after several attempts!!!

Good luck gal at the contest~~ will pray hard for you in this contest since u wan it so badly^^ *wink*

goingkookies said...


thanks thanks.

haha prob is.. if i win, i have to choose from sooo many pics!! haha

wish to win the grand prize then..