Sunday, October 18, 2009

Studies and procrastination

Don't ask me how studies are going. Because if you do, I'll just tell you it's bad. Really bad. Seriously bad. Look at my plurk posts and you'll get an inkling of what's going on.

And I told myself yesterday that I'll just watch one teeny episode of Grey's Anatomy Season5 and guessed what... our of 6 cds, I am at the 5th one. I just get so hooked in Meredith's twisty and dark gloom or in McDreamy and McSteamy or in Lexie's I'll-do-this-and-that-for-George-but-why-doesn't-he-see-me melodrama or how Meredith and Christina are each other's person and WHERE IS MINE? =p So, go figure.

Plus, in the evening, I happily went out to watch Surrogates. *bashes own head on the table*

Plus...Plus, I was supposed to meet up with my friend to discuss the case study today but I didn't want to show up just to get other people's answers without preparing my own ones! Sigh. That's why I am rather upset with myself right now. Always leaving things to the very last minute. It's bad.

Don't even start on me about job hunting. Besides that, after paying my credit card bill, I don't think I'll have sufficient to tide me til December. Praying for a miracle, perhaps?

And what with my granduncle situation and studies and other matters, I haven't had time to blog about many things such as...

The home deco that I went that was held at KLCC on the 1st-4th of October.

My first ever Treasure Hunt or rather Food Hunt on the 3rd of October

The hunt for my wedding friend's wedding card!

My penang trip last weekend!

My sister's graduation... finally!

But for now... it's back to studies!! I have to finish 2 more modules today and then continue on my case study preparation. I am rather disappointed at myself that I still haven't learn from my past mistakes.

I find it really annoying especially when I finally decide to put my mind to do something BUT somehow, something will crop up to prevent me from doing it. Instead of giving up, I should persevere.

It's a constant inner battle with oneself and I hope that I will win this battle one day.

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kenwooi said...

i always procrastinate during studies too! i told myself to study but end up watching videos! =P

goingkookies said...

haha yeah la!!

darn it!! how how how?? hehe