Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Facebook Failure

I've been wanting to take a break from Facebook for the longest time ever. In 2011 when many were on hiatus from Facebook as part of their 'fasting' for Lent, I had thoughts of doing the same as well.
But that was it. Just thoughts and NO actions.
Off late, I know I've been FBing even more. Even my sister's intern noticed my increased activity. Perhaps it's a feeble attempt at trying to stay connected with friends back home and those all around the world. Funnily enough, I am doing most of the connecting part and not my friends.
FB does connect one to distant relatives and long lost friends, allowing one the option of blossoming and strengthening relationship. Besides knowing more about my family and friend's life through their updates and news feed, I also gain access to many Wedding related vendors especially photographers and videographers. Their work constantly inspires and amazes me. The creativity behind the photos and videos; the thought and effort put in, sometimes astounds me.
How does one come up with such amazing concepts and arrangements? Where does the idea and inspiration originate from? Which leads to me reflecting back on my very own wedding and what it lacked.
I forgot to give our 'Thank You' speech. My flowers were not as beautiful and as amazing as I expected it to be. Our tea ceremony was somewhat disorganised IMHO. I've mentioned a bit of my post wedding blues that I've yet to blogged about in details.
Crikey! You must be thinking... more whiny posts of what went wrong??! Lols. I'll solve your problem for you, just click the 'X' button at the top right corner and PROBLEM SOLVED! ;p Definitely a worthy post for the future, and perhaps, it'll be beneficial to future brides from repeating my mistakes or oversight. Bleh.
Anyways, back to Facebook. See, I've the attention span of a gnat and my ability to ramble and digress off topic never ceases to amaze me. I think FB surfing does not go well with my emotional wellbeing. Something riggered the emotional dam, it burst and I was overwhelmed leading my decision to go off FB for a week.
I wanted to start on Monday allowing me some time to slowly wean off FB. But I figured if I procrastinate, I might change my mind. So much for my bravado, today, I've clicked 'Facebook' like four times in total. After 5 minutes of quick surfing, I'd quickly close the browser.
Hence, this post and title; my plan to stay off FB for a week FAILED big time!
But I am not giving up. Perhaps, tomorrow, I'll log in two times. Then on Sunday, once. And who knows, from Monday till the following Monday, I'll actually be able to stay off FB!
NOTE: Found it ironic that The Star (a newspaper back in Malaysia) had several articles on Facebook addiction and how some really take the addiction to a whole new level with bosses facing problems when their workers waste time on FB during working hours just the day after I decided to take a break! How uncanny.
Despite that, today wasn't all bad. Mr. C was super sweet and let me sleep in today, absolving me from breakfast making duties. Lol. I tidied the rooms, made the bed for my aunt's impending arrival tomorrow, drove out to the Kmart in Stud Park Shopping Centre for a little walk and to test that my uncle's car was in tip top condition, which it seems to be!
Besides that, I just baked some Sugi aka Semolina cakes earlier in the evening. One for my neighbours, another for my younger uncle whom I'll visit this weekend and the last, for Mr. C and I and anyone else at home. Mr. C lend a hand and really loved using the blender to mix the ingredients, reminding me of myself when I was an eager child watching my mummy when she did her baking.
Guess that's all for tonight... now, for the email updates to our families back home.
Ps: Does it count as FBing if I 'like' links at blogs whereby the posts is connected back to FB and appears on my FB wall when I share the 'liked' article/post??
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