Monday, January 9, 2012

Funny Mr. C

As I was clearing through my old notebook and sorting out the notes written inside to decide which important points to transfer over to the new, 2012 notebook, I came across the below note and realised that I've yet to blog it!

Saturday 19 March 2011 4.59pm

Incident #1
As I bopped to Michael Buble's "Haven't met you yet", Mr. C said,"Michael Bubbles". I don't know how to put it into words but just the way he said it, brought a smile to my face. Perhaps, it's his corniness. LOL.

Incident #2
Me : I haven't seen any fat or chubby chicks in Melbourne...
Mr. C : Got.
Me : You're referring to me right?!!
Mr. C : haha...
Me : o_O"

Thursday 24th March 2011

Incident #3
As Mr. C slide both his hands down my cheeks, he exclaimed, "wahhh... so smooth. Help me!! I can't get a grip!". To which I haven't the faintest to faint or laugh at his corniness.

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