Sunday, January 29, 2012

Melbourne Weather and Climate

I must say, since moving to Melbourne, one thing that stands out is its erratic weather. When describing Melbourne, many would comment on its 'four seasons in one day' climate and it is SO true!

You can wake up to be greeted with sunny skies and warm weather only to get chilly winds that chill your very soul later part in the day. This leaves me to always ask Mr. C to check the weather forecast and my constant dilemma of what to wear out and if I should bring a coat or a jacket!

Right now, end of January, we're experiencing Summer. Early in January when Mr. C and I first arrived back in Melbourne, I was in awe of the cool weather which was at 15-19 Degrees Celcious.

After a few days, it was a tad too cold that we had to go hunting for fan heater 'cos ours, that we bought at a garage sale for AUD3, had broken down. We went to Kmart, Target, Big W, Bunnings and all we could see were fan after fans. The staff said that heaters are generally not sold during Summer and we had to wait till Winter to make a purchase.

Imagine that! Boohoo for us.

However, the weather changed (can't say for the better though since Mr. C and I love the cold more than the heat) and it's been hot the past two weeks! Crickey!

Can't wait for Autumn or Winter to arrive. The season of beautiful jackets and boots! Even now, the maple leaves have turned colour. They're no longer one toned leaves of green. Today, we saw orangery shades mashed with brown!

Simple Melbourne weather information:

1) Melbourne is in the Souther Hemisphere.
2) This means that seasons here are the opposite to those in Europe, North America and some of Asia.
3) Spring and Autumn are typically quite balmy, while Winters are known for being very crisp.
4) The month of June is normally incredibly foggy, which can result in some flights being delayed.

Average temperatures are as follows...
SUMMER: December to February 13-26°C / 55-79°F
AUTUMN: March to May 8-24°C / 46-75°F
WINTER: June to August 7-15°C / 45-59°F
SPRING: September to November 8-22°C / 46-72°F

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