Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Monday

It's a hot day. This morning, the temperature in my living room was 25 degrees Celsius and now, it's gone up to 29. As I sit tinkering away on my laptop on a desk at the corner behind the family TV room, I can feel the heat evading into the family TV room.

Behind the wall where I am facing is the backyard overlooking the lake where else behind the wall on my right is the courtyard. This morning, the sun was shining from opposite me, now, it shines brightly through the sliding door leading into the courtyard on my right.

Finally, summer is here. Of course, it is not as hot as Malaysia but it was cold a few days back. I was whining then but now that it's hot, I hate it. Given a choice of cold over hot, give me cool breeze, strong winds and what not.!

The job hunt begins. Urgh! I dreamt of you, yet again. Urgh! Your silence annoys me. Double Urgh! But I'll not let you mean more than you should. Realised I lost one side of my pearl earrings. Expiry date of a voucher I bought slipped my mind to only hit me in the head today that it was due yesterday. BORDERDASH!

That's pretty much it for today. Hence, I'll just put a post of my Saturday in pictures.

#1 Finally paid a visit to Prahran Market along Commercial Road.

#2 Nothing much happening actually...
and it would seem Melbourne's brimming with massage parlours.
Every mall I go to has at least one of them!
Knox, Chadstone and it would seem, even Prahran Market!

#3 Deco or for use? Hmmm.. Has a regio and all... though an expired one at that!

#4 Yea! I look decent here and you can't see the gross blitz on my face!

#5 "All by myself... don't wanna be..." Poor lonesome doggie...

#6 There's just something about pavements

#7 and side roads...

#8 Beautifully tasting Mocha at LA LUCCIOLA

#9 Apple and raspberry crumble AUD10

#10 Nice hang out area Miss Lawyer spotted the last time we were here

#11 Swish and Cocktail (several shops down) HAS the prettiest gowns ever!

#12 The dress looks shapeless and horrendous in real life but I somehow made it look nice here

#13 Lol. For Miss Lawyer's Hens Night.. entertaining or weird?!

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