Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Hens Night

My JiMuis had my Hens Night the week before my wedding. I know, I know. We're supposed to have it the night before the wedding day to signify and celebrate my 'last' night of single hood but it really wouldn't look good for me to drag myself to my special day in drunken stupour eh like what you see in the movies such as The Hangover?
Then again, Mr. C and I have already 'tied the knot' end of 2010 legally speaking. So, technically speaking, we were no longer single but very married. I had people asking me if I was nervous or jittery leading up to the BIG day to which I'll say, "a bit late to be nervous or having cold feet eh? After all, I am married to the man already. No turning back."
Anyhow, the Hen Night was a night well planned by the ever efficient Miss Pretty Soo, known as Empress Soo for the evening. She really put in thought and effort and it was plain for all to see; greeted by the deco of blue, helium balloons, lollies, 'Rules of the night' printed out on blue paper, cupcakes and a tub of punishment in the form of a 'yucky' drink. Liked the games though I did thought we might have gone club hopping since I've never been clubbing in KL. ;p

Anyways, I present to you, my Hens Night... in pictures.

#1 The theme for the night... ROYAL!

#2 So, it had some princessy feel with carriages etc...

#3 Penalty for saying the taboo words of the evening, drink some 'yucky' drink!

#4 To be sporting, I talked and seem to keep fumbling... Hence, forced to sip from the bucket.

#5 Someone had to make a part of Mr. C's erm... organ using plastercine!

#6 Aahhh... what's it with bachelor(ette) games involving the use of condoms??!

#7 Live entertainment that drowned out the sound of our voices rendering it totally impossible to have any conversation!

#8 What's a party without... GROUP PHOTO!!

#9 AND forcing the bride-to-be to dance!

#10 and plying me with alcohol...

#11 Never say "I am not drunk enough to dance" to Miss Pretty Soo.

#12 Complimentary drinks... that smelt and tasted GROSS!

#13 NOT lessbian action btw. Oooh roses for each of us girls ON THE HOUSE!

#14 Apparently I kept doing this the whole night...

The reason I kept doing the above picture was to regain 'clear' vision. After downing a total of six shots of (let's call it) the Yucky drink, the effects only hit me half hour later. I was saying to my childhood friend of 23 years,"hey, how much of this stuff do I drink before I am gone?" to which she said,"oh, you'll only feel the effects probably in half an hour or so...".

Gee. Thanks a lot for the late Heads up! ;p I had my fifth shot with her and the sixth one with Miss Bubbly.

I think about half hour to an hour later, I was still pretty conscious of my surroundings etc. I just couldn't see people clearly as everything seemed a little out of focus. However, if I used my two fingers to pull my eyelids downwards as the above picture, I could actually see people more clearly; people didn't sway and looked blurry.

This is the one and (probably) the only time I'll ever be 'deep in my cups'! So, you lucky six people who were there, it was an honour 'drinking' and being silly with you gals! Unfortunately (for me), I was the only one not sober. Bleh. I guess they already planned this right from the beginning!

To be fair, as I've never been drunk before, I have never known my limits and tolerance. I have drunk a fair bit of alcohol and I do drink a beer or two every so often but never gone all loopy like that night. It definitely was an experience. ;)

LOLs. My two friends that stayed over at my place were pretty amazed at the next day me. I didn't' have ANY headaches, I could remember everything I said the night before clearly and I only had three hours of sleep!

I repeatedly kept saying stuff that night and stuff I said that amused the rest were like "This is the drunkest I've ever been and this will be the only time you'll ever see me drunk!". Apparently drunk people rarely ever admit they're drunk with the exception of me! ;p

Mr. C saw the clip they took of me and laughed exclaiming that I talk a lot even when I am drunk. Funny them for recording the night! I gather my night was more fun than his. Double LOL.


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