Sunday, January 8, 2012

Romantic Internet Memes wedding proposal goes viral: Nuffnang founder proposes to gf

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Click the above link if you haven't seen how Timothy Tiah , Nuffnang founder proposes to his long term girlfriend, Audrey Ooi otherwise known by her moniker, FourFeetNine. He definitely raised the bar for all boyfriends intending to propose.

Apparently, according to news, even Kathy Perry asked Russell Brand 'why he no do such proposal' for her.

They're both cute in their own ways. I don't mean Kathy and Russell. I was referring to Timothy and Audry. If you have been following their blogs, you'd know that he was previously known as Wombat, now, Fatty. She used to be called Princess but now, Shorty.

I love reading their blogs as they share bits and pieces of their personal life regarding work, friends and each other and it is the way they narrate their stories and infuse their own style of writing.

From past posts, it is plain for all and sundry to take note that Timothy has a romantic tendency right from the very beginning. He is the kind of guy who takes notice what his girl likes and would love and he just makes the effort. Anything else from that, I really don't know much about him to say anything further. She, on the other hand defines the word cute. Her blog is cute, she tells her stories in a cute manner and she looks cute! LOL.

I wish them all the best in wedding planning and based on their blogs, it is safe to say that their wedding is definitely going to be the works; it'll be different, grand and beautiful!

And may the rest of their lives and journey together be as different, grand and beautiful! ;)


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