Thursday, January 12, 2012

My blues are back

If you're the kind of person who can't stand to hear people whine and complain and be down... don't bother reading this post at all... 'cos it is going to be one of those kind of post.

Barely a week back in Melbourne and I am already feeling the blues. :(

Yesterday, Mr. C was really sweet. Bestest hubby ever! Truly number 1!

He bought for me chips and ice-cream in a bid to shoo my blues away. He said to keep the chips for today as comfort food whilst he is at work and wouldn't be able to comfort me if I was down.

I don't know if I am down due to that awesome time of the month where Aunt Irma comes to visit. Or could it be because reality bites; Time to get back into the rat race. Or could it be the anxiety over the Wedding pictures that we're due to receive either end of the month or in February. Or the fact that I feel we didn't take enough pictures with our friends and family and with each other!! Or that we don't have any beautiful wedding photos of just the two of us to put above our bed!!

Or perhaps the fact that I have to be Miss Lawyer's bridesmaid and I am not familiar with Western Wedding and what it entails and to read up on! Hens night to plan?? The need to learn how to self tan to even out the tan lines I got from my honeymoon in Phuket! Shoes that match the dress needs to be found soon!! And now, dancing? Oh no!! Besides, I don't look pretty in the bridesmaids dress!


It could be one or all the above!! And I have no idea why but I feel super worried that my wedding pictures just won't turn out nice. I am not saying about the photographers skill but more so my face problem and how I freeze and feel awkward whenever I know a lense is pointed my way!! I know, why fret over something that's not a certainty just yet. It's like my worries are going on overdrive.

And now, Miss Cutesie says my resume that I sent to her for review is too honest! What does that even mean?! LOL. Her pointers are pretty good but I feel blue and reluctant to do anything about it. Hence, this post. No worries, I'll push myself to do it in a bit!

Gotta do what one has to despite my feelings, emotional ones especially!

And seeing the below BEAUTIFUL photos of brides and couples doesn't help with my already blue mood. Think I might have to take some time off Facebook. ;(

Brides that just look beautiful!! with their beautiful bouquet...
Photos that captures the love...
The style, creativity and beauty!!
No stunning photos of us like the above ones
No classy photos of us that ooze with class and elegance ;(
No pretty wedding photos like this of us...
I don't think Mr. C and I have any super happy and candid looking photos like this!! Double ;(

No happy, glamourous family photos of us.. and in BLUE!!
My favourite colour, too!!
How not to be ;'(
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Kathlynn said...

cheer up babes! i had that same feeling n i dont think ive still gotten over it. i avoid lookin at other ppl's wedding pics or any wedding related stuff coz it makes me cringe when i realise ive missed out *fill in the blanks* (wrong pic style, wrong wedding dress, wrong hairdo). cant tell you what to do, but thanks for sharing. makes me feel 'normal' to have such feelings

*hugz* hope u get better soon!

goingkookies said...

KAthlynn : thanks for ur comment... now, i don't feel like such a weirdo.. maybe it's a normal post wedding thingy.. ;(

HUGS to u too!! i can't stop looking though at wedding pictures cos it keeps popping on my FB... lols.

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