Friday, January 27, 2012

Questions ALWAYS asked

With it being Chinese New Year and all, I am sure plenty have been asked 1001 questions that we sometimes wish aunties would know better than to ask! LOL.

Pardon my Malaysian English...

Questions people LOVE to ask in general.
#1 Got boy/girlfriend or not?

#2 How long together?

#3 (If no partner) Why no boy/girlfriend ar???

#4 (If one is in a relationship) When getting married? Better fast fast marry... not young anymore.

#5 What are you doing now? Studying?? Working??!

#6 What are you studying?

#7 (If not studying) Where are you working?

Questions people LOVE to ask BEFORE engagement and the wedding ceremony.
#1 When are you getting married? Better fast fast marry, give your parents grandkids... dragon year good to have babies!!

#2 How is wedding preparations?

Questions people LOVE to ask AFTER the wedding ceremony.
#1 How is married life?

#2 Have you gone for your honeymoon? Where did you go?

#3 When are you having a baby?

Questions I get asked A LOT (besides the above)!!
#1 Do you prefer Australia or Malaysia?

#2 Is it easy to get a job? What do you want to do?

#3 When are you going back to Melbourne?

#4 Why don't you stay for CNY??

#5 When are you coming back to Malaysia?

... and I tell you this, in Asian culture, the questions NEVER stop. It's just how Asians tend to talk in general. Sometimes, they are just plain nosy but most times, it's just a way of 'getting' to know you.

I gather Westernised people will find it alike to an interrogation. Lol. Even the questions bugs me... often enough to be glad that I am here in Australia and the questions are definitely asked less frequently.

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